The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything

Learn to Risk, Release, and Soar

By Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman

Myths about how to be spiritual abound, and most of us have bought into at least a few of them, even if we're not aware of it. Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman help strip away the woo-woo, the no-no's , and the silly rules. With an outrageous and edgy look at the challenges they face in their own lives, The Spiritual Chicks share a no-holds-barred quest to know, feel, and apply universal goodness and authenticity to life.


"The Spiritual Chicks Kick Butt."

-Dr. Joe Vitale, author of "Zero Limits"

"Mixing theosophical musings with slice-of-life essays by Weissman, the 'analytical' one, and Coyne, the 'passionate' one, this lively book is savvy, affirming and enjoyable."

-Leslie Gilbert Elman, Healing Retreats & Spas Magazine

"Sassy, saucy and completely insightful. This is spiritual therapy for everyone that doesn't know they need it. ...Thanks for some of the best time I've spent reading this year."


Advance Praise for The Spiritual Chicks Question Everything

"Raucous, irreverent, pithy, humorous-and right on! A must read of the postmodern spiritual genre."

-Edgar Mitchell, Sc.D., author of "The Way of the Explorer" and Apollo astronaut

"I don't know if the Spiritual Chicks are modern mystics, mythical super heroes, or two street-wise and savvy women with extraordinary clarity. What I do know is their writing is strong, straightforward, enlightening-and enlivening. Their wisdom is as practical and useful as it is profound."

-Robert Rabbin, author of "Igniting The Soul at Work: A Mandate for Mystics"

"A savvy guide to spirituality in our busy, gotta-go society, they ask-and answer-a seeker's questions with humor and verve."

-Chellie Campbell, author of "The Wealthy Spirit"

"An authentic, practical, provocative, and humorous walk through the journey of personal growth and awakening. The Spiritual Chicks come up with not only intriguing questions, but decent answers. A great coming-of-age (at any age) self-discovery manual."

-Alan Cohen, author of "Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About It"

"I'm currently in the process of redefining my life after 30 years of competing on race tracks around the world--and the questions, quotes, and comments really hit home."

- Lyn St. James, Seven-Time Indy 500 (R) Driver, author of "Ride of Your Life."

"Irreverent and insightful, this is a no-nonsense guide to spirituality that can speak to the practical, the skeptical, and anyone who wants enlightenment packaged with a little fun."

-Victoria Moran, author of "Creating a Charmed Life" and "Fit from Within"

"Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman express some pretty gutsy notions about spirituality in a down-to-earth vernacular that makes it accessible to anybody."

-Emily Squires and Len Belzer, authors of "Spiritual Places In and Around New York City"

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