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Sample "Chickisms" 

By Tami Coyne and Karen Weissman (Red Wheel/Weiser, October 2002)

  • Karmic payback's a bitch--only if you act like one.

  • Human perfection is an oxymoron.

  • Have fun and remind yourself that everything will be OK even on those occasions when no one would mistake you for the Dalai Lama.

  • Question everything, condemn nothing, and then align yourself with what you want.

  • On the playground, things just naturally take care of themselves.

  • The people who get what they want out of life know that they are one hundred percent responsible for what happens to them.

  • You have to make your efforts consistent with your goal. If you want potatoes, don't plan beets.

  • Buck up, have some faith, and adapt.

  • The next time you feel the urge to live, love, or let go, just say yes.

  • The only war to end all wars is the one that's waged and won within. And anyone who's tried to fight it knows, it aint pretty.

  • Until we know who we are, we can't recognize anyone else for who they really are.

  • Maybe we call ourselves consumers because the process of managing and trying to fulfill our many wants is all-consuming.

  • A fistfight may be as necessary for one person's enlightenment as another person's college education.

  • When it comes to seeking enlightenment, intelligence is overrated. 

  • Happiness, just like anger, is a choice. Next time you're angry, do a little dance and see what happens.

  • Want to live in hell? If you lived there, you'd be home now.

  • Life doesn't necessarily give us what we want, but it usually gives us what we expect.

  • Most often what we think of as love, is a knee-jerk reaction triggered by our own fears and designed to protect our own interests. 

  • Everything is spiritual-even stuff we don't like or don't agree with.

  • Spirituality is not a consolation prize for living a life without toys or fun.

  • Let's be clear, the spiritual path is about power-heavy duty, revolutionary, life-altering power. 

  • Spirituality is not about holding back on our desires. It's about living our dreams any damn way we want. Hallelujah.

  • Keeping everyone else happy at the expense of our own well being is not the recipe for a fulfilling life, and here's the real shocker-it's not "spiritual."

  • Time is not a real thing. It's a clever tool we invented for making plans with other people, as in "let's meet for drinks at eight."

  • If a message is true, valuable and worthy, then we can use this information even if it is delivered by prisoner #4528 on cellblock B.

  • Spirituality is not beyond real life; it is real life.

SM & Copyright 2002 K. Weissman & T. Coyne